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Newsyman & team

5 W & H - ?

  • The pertinent questions ought to be asked to people who matter.
  • And seek honest answers that world is waiting to hear.
  • Trying to leave less to read between the lines.

Journalists at work

  • A team of experienced journalists with a credible repertoire working round the clock to curate facts and figures.
  • Always ready to address the burning questions of the world around us. 

Great Minds

  • The effort is to share knowledge and bring the best brains of the world to speak to us with free mind.
  • To share the best possible experience and stories of people who have travelled a historic journey.

Our Team

Jane Doe, Market Strategist

Jane is the founder of our team. She is our lead strategist and will be advising you on the most cost efficient ways to reach a wider audience. She began her career in media as an intern at the New York Times. She developed a passion for media during her job in advertising sales at a New York radio station.

John Doe, Creative Director

John came to us from a marketing firm in New York, where he spent 16 years in management and design. He will be managing the creatives who will design your graphics, edit videos, and design/build your website. John believes that the story you tell visually is powerfully influential in shaping customer perspectives.

Jillian Doe, Digital Specialist

Jillian came to us from a marketing team in the Silicon Valley. She will help your website rise to the top of the search engines results by optimizing it for Google's algorithms. She will increase your followers on social media with posts designed to increase customer loyalty and engagement.


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Ask Freely. We shall seek the best possible answer.

- Newsyman

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